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Please read if you wonder if it makes sense to hire a professional to design your outdoor space. 

I'm pasting the referral letter I got from one of my clients:


To future customers of Klara Maj,


My wife and I purchased a house in 2019 and had a plan to upgrade the yard to our likings and architecture theme. I envisioned a backyard that had features containing a meditative corner, water feature, place to receive family members and friends for a barbeque. The ambiance should be a modern farmhouse that matches our house theme. And It has to be low maintenance.

We have interviewed about 2 to 3 different architects but to no available either due to high cost and low service or quality.

Desperately, I shared my search with any friends I came across during the time. Klara came to us through a friend's tip.

I contacted Klara and talked about our plan.


At our first consultation meeting (no cost, if you hire her later for your project), I showed her some sketches and walk our front and backyard with her.


Klara understood clearly what we wanted. She is very reasonable in the price. For us, it was the best option among other interviewed architects.


Klara helped us tremendously with visualizing our future garden with the 2-D renders.

We have found this was one of her cutting-edge services!


She also helped us with finding the best contractor for the project.


The project went perfectly within our budget, timing, and exceed our expectations...


Klara has the knowledge, is reliable, and is professional in her approach to the work. She is also very kind and consultative.


I would highly recommend her to anyone.


PS: for the people who has doubt about hiring an architect.

As a business owner myself and have done several tenants improving projects. I know planning ahead will save you thousand dollars later. If you are not an expert and try to do it yourself to save cost, in the end, you will end up paying more because of the changing orders. 

So hiring an architect for your yard will seem to be an extra cost, but it is actually the saving you will have. But most importantly, you will also have a professionally designed yard.



Tim Pham

Please see Tim's Garden here


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my services.

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